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        McKenzie River fishing guide specialists, fly fishing Oregon McKenzie River trout

My second book, Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing, published by Stackpole Books, has just hit the stores, and it’s a fun, fast read with lots of photos. Besides effective fly patterns and detailing techniques that catch fish in lakes and ponds, I discuss how to locate elusive fish in stillwaters and formulating a strategic game plan to move the angler toward being consistently successful at catching fish.  If you order the book directly from me, I would be happy to sign it and enclose one of my signature flies tied by me personally.  Softbound: $24.95  Mailing: Add $5, mainland USA only.  Check or money orders.  I cannot process credit or debit cards. Thanks.

Michael Gorman    330 NW Autumn Place    Corvallis, OR 97330   (phone: 541.207.4000)


Steelhead Fly Angling, too, is a fun read. Guaranteed. You can order the book directly from me. I would be happy to sign it and enclose one of my signature wet flies tied by me personally. In writing this book, I have kicked the hornet’s nest. Some controversy. Yes, it has info about flies, techniques, and where the fish are. But, I address issues of crowding, strategic planning, biases, and a “guerilla” approach to catching steelhead in a competitive environment. Amato Publishing did a great job of design, layout, and photo reproduction. The book contains more than 200 photos. Very interesting and different, I think. Hardcover: $45 Softbound: $29.95 Mailing: Add $5, mainland USA only. Check or money orders. I cannot process credit or debit cards. Thanks.


McKenzie River native rainbow, Michael Gorman photo, McKenzie River Fishing Guide

    Welcome to the McKenzie River Fishing Guide.  When it’s time to treat yourself to a McKenzie River trout fly fishing trip, even if it’s just a one-day, mini Oregon fly fishing vacation, we are at your service.  We want you to choose us to be your McKenzie River fly fishing guide.  It’s our promise to make it a fun, memorable fly fishing experience.
     When it comes to selecting a McKenzie River fly fishing guide, you can find a hundred to choose from.  And, when the native “redsides” rainbow trout and cutthroat are not being selective, any fly fishing guide will do.  The problem is --- like any other stream --- the McKenzie River trout sometimes need a little extra coaxing.  This is why you need a fly fishing guide who is experienced and resourceful, one who knows the McKenzie and her fish.  A variety of fly fishing techniques and the right McKenzie River fly pattern will enable you to catch fish when other anglers (and fly fishing guides) struggle.

     As for expertise and credentials, read on about our head McKenzie River fishing guide, Michael Gorman.  Then, check out our McKenzie River trout fly fishing photo gallery
(click here), the McKenzie River Fly Fishing page, the McKenzie River Fly Fishing Pattern link, or just a little about the McKenzie itself, its proximity to Eugene, and a feel for what this beautiful river can add to your memories .

Michael Gorman
fly fishing guide, college instructor, and author

Michael Gorman / McKenzie River fishing guideMichael Gorman, founder of Scarlet Ibis Fly Fishing Tours, Inc., has been guiding and teaching effective fly fishing skills for more than 30 years.  His angling knowledge and skills have been honed in New Zealand, Ireland, Christmas Island, the Bahamas, Florida, Alaska, British Columbia, and all over the Western United States, including Oregon's world-famous Deschutes, Rogue River, McKenzie River, and North Umpqua.  He owned and operated his own retail fly fishing shop in Corvallis, Oregon for many years, and was, also, the head fishing guide.  Michael continues to guide throughout the calendar year, in addition to teaching credit PAC fishing classes at Oregon State University (Go Beavers!), where he did so for the last 27 years. 
Fish On! / McKenzie River fishing guide
Always asked to pick favorite local fishing waters, Michael would have to choose the McKenzie River, near Eugene, for trout.  From late winter through early summer, he and his McKenzie River fishing guides are in constant pursuit of the river's native "redside" rainbow trout and cutthroat.  Our McKenzie River fly fishing guides are skilled in all fly fishing methods, including deadly nymph fishing techniques. 
(See photo below.)

Here's our simple philosophy: to guide effectively is to teach effectively.  Come learn to catch fish, and catch them more consistently: steelhead, trout and salmon.  Though we never restrict our fly fishing methods, your McKenzie River fishing guide, or your Rogue River or Siletz River steelhead fly fishing guide is a nymph fishing specialist. 

Take a tour of the rest of the site, or click here for details about a McKenzie River fly fishing guide trip.

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An excellent McKenzie River fishing guide is uses effective McKenzie River flies, is a skilled boatman, conversational, and shows courtesy to any other McKenzie River guide. Not all McKenzie River guide use flies initially, but may  evolve into being McKenzie River fly fishing guide.