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Fly Tying

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Fly Tying, OSU PAC 181, Michael Gorman, OSU fly tying classM's Favorite nymph (Gorman) / trout and steelhead fly fishing / McKenzie River fly fishing guide

FLY TYING  PAC 181  (offered only spring term) 
(1 credit  hour.  Prerequisite: basic familiarity with fly tying techniques, or PAC 178, 179 or 180)   
Michael_Gorman, Instructor  
phone: (541) 758-1687  
No campus office, but enquire in PAC office, Langton Hall 123 

This course is intended to move the student with minimal fly tying skills to the next level of proficiency.  Students will learn some of the advanced fly tying methods --- including dubbing techniques, spinning hair, parachute hackling, winging possibilities --- plus, learn how to select the most appropriate hooks and materials, and how to create a fly of appropriate proportions.  In addition to demonstrations and discussions, there will be video excerpts which will serve as learning aids in this course.

Upon successful completion of FLY TYING the student will be able to:
*Select the appropriate hooks and materials for any fly tied in class.
*Knowledgeably critique the proportions and overall tying quality of any given artificial fly.
*Know how to effectively use a hair stacker, Bird dubbing tool, hackle gauge, and rotating whip finisher.
*Neatly and properly dub fur on hooks ranging from size 4 to 20.
*Demonstrate good technique for tying parachute and palmered hackles, lead eyes, lead underbodies, rubber legs, spun hair and bullet heads.
*Figure a logical step-by-step sequence of fly tying steps for any given artificial fly.

WEEK 1   Introduction.  Course outline.  Grading.  Tools needed & demonstrated.  Fly-tying books.
                     Tying the Serendipity, Bead Serendipity, and the Antron Soft Hackle.

     WEEK 2   Simple Pheasant Tail Nymph, Pheasant Tail Pupa, Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle.
                     PheasantChironomid, V-RibChironomid.

WEEK 3   Flashback Hare’s Ear, Bead Head Hare’s Ear Nymph.     
                Girdle Bugger, Flash-A-Bugger, and Bead Bugger. 

WEEK 4   Elk Hair Caddis, Irresistible Elk Hair Caddis.
                Stimulator.  Irresistible Stimulator.

     WEEK 5  The Adams family – standard, parachute, and Wulff style.
                    Catch up and improvisation.

   WEEK 6   Muddler Minnow.
Deer Hair Popper. 

    WEEK 7   Deer Hair Popper. 
                    Spun Head Hopper.  Bullet Head Hopper.

    WEEK 8   G. G. Stonefly Nymph.
                     Variations of the G. G. Stonefly – rubber-leg, bead-head.

    WEEK 9   Bullet-Head Rubber-Leg Stonefly Adult.
                    Micro Buzz Style Midge,.  Micro Parachute

    WEEK 10  Catch up and improvisation.
                     Submit Final Flies (15) display and bound handouts/notes.

Jason Mariner, South Santiam

Students must have an ONID account in order to access their grade at the campus Blackboard site. To get an ONID account, go to   Once the student has logged into Blackboard, access this class. If you cannot access the course, you are not correctly registered for this class. Again, you must have an ONID account in order to access your final grade.

Please note:
Oregon State University provides clear definition and sanctions for academic dishonesty.  As a result, academic dishonesty of any kind is not tolerated. Students caught cheating, plagiarizing, or participating in any form of academic dishonesty will receive an F on the assignment or test (and possibly an F in the course). A formal report to the chair of the Department, to the Dean, and to the Student Conduct Program will be made.

If you have any questions about the extent and severity of sanctions that may result from dishonest behavior, I suggest that you take time to read the OSU Student Handbook or access the OSU Student Conduct Website at:

 Statement of Risk: Risk is associated with many of life’s activities, including PAC classes.  It is highly recommended that you provide yourself with a student health/accident insurance policy.  These are available through the University, private carriers, or through a family policy.  If uninsured, minor accidents or health problems can lead to great expense.  If you have a condition that might affect or be affected by participation in this PAC class, you are encouraged to so inform your instructor either verbally or in writing.   Should you become ill or injured during class time, please inform the instructor or have a fellow student do so.  If you must leave class because of illness or injury it is recommended that another student accompany you. 
Sharp hooks and tools used during this class have an obvious inherent danger.  Use common sense and precautions at all times.  When on a fishing outing, common sense and precautions are urged when using sharp hooks (wearing polarized eye glasses is recommended at all times to protect your eyes and assist in safe wading) and wading in swift currents or walking on slippery rocks.  If you perceive dangerous conditions that cannot be counteracted with common sense and reasonable precautions, desist and/or speak with your instructor.

Statement for Students with Disabilities
            Accommodations are collaborative efforts between students, faculty and Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Students with accommodations approved through SSD are responsible for contacting the faculty member in charge of the course prior to or during the first week of the term to discuss accommodations. Students who believe they are eligible for accommodations but who have not yet obtained approval through SSD should contact SSD immediately at 737-4098.

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